Look, It's Persona 4 in Living Flesh

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Japanese role-playing game Persona 4 is being turned into a hardcore porno. This is not the cast of that flick. Sorry! Instead, these are the folks starring in the Persona 4 stage show.

Called Visualive Persona 4, the show combines movie-style special effects with a live performance.


Visualive Persona 4 opens next March at the Sunshine Theatre in Tokyo. What do you think of the cast? Do they pull off the characters?

人気ゲーム『ペルソナ4』が舞台化決定!! [Official Site]

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Yosuke looks painfully off, as does Chie. Yosuke should have a big goofy smile for this picture, and Chie should be a tad more rotund. Not fat, just not so hard around the edges. Maybe its her hair, needs to be more round!

Yukiko and the Main Character are pretty good, albeit his hair is gamma bright.