Look How Far We've Come! These Are Computer Graphics from the 1980s.

It's only been three decades, but it might as well have been three hundred. These Japan Computer Graphics Lab demo reels show just how far computer graphics have come in such a short span of time.

The graphics look dated, sure, but not bad. Many of them have more visual style than current "realistic" generation graphics. I quite like them.

There are two clips; one dates from 1984, and the other dates from 1985. In the link before, there is another clip from 1983, which is worth checking out, too.


Magical stuff.

Demo Reels from the Japan Computer Graphics Lab (1983-1985) [Retroist]

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Even though this was later (90s I recall), for some reason the videos reminded me of those videos that came out that were purely designed to dazzle with CG, like "Beyond The Mind's Eye".

That particular one (and this video) had music from former Kansas member Kerry Livgren.