Look At This Fantastic Minecraft City

Octovon, a group of Minecraft players so good at building maps that they’re available for commissions, are responsible for this absolute work of art.

 Image: Timothy Chen
Image: Timothy Chen

It’s an enormous Minecraft city, built mostly by hand by ten people, on a map that measures 2000x2000 blocks. And it took them eight months to finish.


What’s more, it’s not just the facade of a city; most of the buildings have custom interiors.

 Image: Timothy Chen
Image: Timothy Chen

You can see more of Octovon’s work at their site. Oh, and the images you’re seeing here aren’t just screenshots, they’re renders done by VFX artist Timothy Chen.

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Damien Fate

Beautiful work that should be applauded for sure, it’s just a shame the renders look so much better than it would ‘in person’.

I really wish Minecraft could look as nice!