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Starbreeze Studios, maker of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness, have been working on the secretive "Project Redlime" for years, a game frequently rumored to revive Bullfrog Productions Syndicate. After years of speculation, we may finally see that game next week.


Or so goes the latest Syndicate/Project Redlime rumor. According to fan site, one of the game designers working on Project Redlime tweeted earlier today—then pulled—the following tease: "Grand moment approaching. The reveal for #starbreeze and EA's project #redlime time to meet the press."

If true—and if Redlime is Syndicate—that could make for a very interesting Gamescom 2011, if only so that we can put this rumor and speculation behind us. What will be even more interesting will be how EA and Starbreeze might transform this real-time tactical cyberpunk game into something more modern.—meaning, will they take the XCOM route?


Electronic Arts will be at Gamescom next week in full force, holding a press conference next Tuesday and holding some behind-closed-doors meetings. Kotaku will be there too, so we'll let you know what we see.

Gamescom: EA-Starbreeze's Syndicate bzw. Redlime [ via VG247]

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They need to do a commercial where there is a Syndicate group using the Persuadatron on a group of elderly tourists who suddenly pull weapons and start attacking the guards.