London Riots Inspire Fresh Grand Theft Auto Finger Pointing

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What has spurned hundreds to take to the streets of London to riot, burn and loot? According to the London Evening Standard newspaper, the city's continuing—and spreading—riots have their roots in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto.

That tenuous connection between a violent sandbox crime spree of a video game and the very real violence happening throughout the city seems to have been derived from an unnamed London constable offering his opinion on the brouhaha, as quoted above. It was a connection juicy enough to make the London Evening Standard front page—at least for one printing—according to MCV.

The other culprit in the still-smoldering riots, which ignited in Tottenham, London: the Blackberry. Obviously, at least one of these technological wonders should be banned outright to quell this uprising, right?


Fear and a sense of loss amid high street's smoking ruins [London Evening Standard]

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