One of those people is Loki actor Tom Hiddleston. The other is not.

That may be the most celebrity-filled cosplay shot of the past week, but I think my favourite is the Frodo shot, not only because it's a beautiful photo, but becasue cosplayer Amouranth absolutely nails Elijah Wood's dopey Hobbit face.

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Street Fighter | Cosplayers: KOCosplay, nadyasonika & Jennifer Van Damsel | Photographer: Martin Wong

Attack on Titan | Cosplayers: Mike Zacharius, Erwin Smith, Hanji Zoe, Levi| Photographer: Huzafan


Mass Effect | Cosplayer: NightIyre


Thor | Cosplayer: FahrSindram

Lord of the Rings | Cosplayer: Amouranth | Photographer: Chris Stewart


The Last Of Us | Cosplayer: Maddy De-Sanctis | Photographer: Fluffy Ltd.

Tomb Raider | Cosplayer: Fiora Solo