Locked out LeBron Finds Work in Madden

With the first two weeks of the NBA season canceled thanks to the lockout, some players have gone looking for alternative employment. Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz, for example, was in a Starcraft pro gaming tournament this past weekend, just barely finishing out of the money.


So it was around Monday when some folks remembered that LeBron James once was an all-state wide receiver while in high school. Pete Carroll, the Seattle Seahawks head coach, recently tweeted James the oldest swag-tease in the book, the team jersey with the recruit's name on the back.

It may never (and probably will never) come to pass in real life. In video games, you can take LeBron's talents to Madden NFL 12 with this set of ratings as a created player. CBSSports.com's Will Brinson put James on the Browns, not the Seahawks, and gave him his old Cleveland number even though tight ends are restricted to the numerals 40-49 and 80-89 in the NFL.

Under Brinson's ratings, LeBron has a 99 jump (of course), 91 speed, 93 acceleration and a 90 juke move. Shortcomings include 65 in awareness and toughness. Owwww ....


LeBron James to the NFL, 'Madden' style [CBS Sports]

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