Locked in a Convenience Store with Kirby in 3D

In Escape Trip — Convenience Store for DSiWare, you play a character that gets trapped in a convenience store and has to figure out how to escape. If this isn't the most beautiful game concept you've ever heard you should probably just play the 3D Classics version of Kirby's Adventure.

No I am not kidding! I love a nice bite-sized adventure game, and I've worked in a convenience store so I feel I might have an edge here. The game is from a Japanese developer, however, so some cross-cultural convenience store knowledge might come in handy. Perhaps I'll recruit Bashcraft to help me out on this one.


And for those of you not as excited about being locked in a room with all the cigarettes, soda, and snacks you can consume, there's always the 3D version of Kirby's Adventure for the 3DS. The puffball we know and love goes pink in this second installment of the series for the NES, with Nintendo's latest handheld providing eye-popping visuals that are sure to please for a minute or so before you switch them off.

Or perhaps the other two games including in this week's offerings are more to your liking. Let's see what those are.

WiiWare (Wii)


Pinnochio's Puzzle
Publisher: EnjoyUp Games
Price: 500 Wii Points

Remember the puppet whose nose grew? Remember the values taught by the story? Friendship, cunning and tenderness... Will you reach the end of the story of Pinocchio through a series of puzzles? Based on the story by Carlo Collodi, Pinocchio's Puzzle is a game in which you must solve the different, progressively more difficult puzzles as you advance in the plot. Aside from developing sensory skills and hand-eye coordination, it adds the values of an endearing and mythical story told puzzle by puzzle.


• Enjoy with 4 friends or family members playing at once.
• Puzzles progressively more difficult.
• Helps develop sensory skills.
• Fabulous, beautiful illustrations and orchestral music

DSiWare (DSi / 3DS)


Escape Trick — Convenience Store
Publisher: Intense Co.
Price: $4.99

This is a convenience store located in the Southern island. It has very few customers due to the low season… The main character, who makes his living working here as a part-timer, heads for the store upon the owner's urgent request to cover for him for an hour. Neither customers, nor the owner are in the store so he decides to balance the accounts. The hour passes without incident. But as he is leaving, he notices that something is seriously wrong. The door won't open! Plus, the store looks somehow different. Who would lock him in here? We join him as he tries to solve this mystery. Can he get out of this place!? Anyone can enjoy a genuine escape game with the series' well-known simple controls!


Play & Learn Chinese
Publisher: Selectsoft

Get ready for an exciting and entertaining challenge as you match the pictures to the words you hear, and see how high you can score. You'll be surprised by how much Chinese you've learned while you play! Over 700 words and phrases with entertaining visuals help you learn quickly and speak with confidence. Listen to and speak aloud Chinese words and phrases while you explore settings such as the supermarket, restaurant, and city streets. Play & Learn Chinese is easy and effective for beginners and travelers and a fun refresher for advanced and intermediate speakers!


• Includes Game Mode and Learn Mode
• Features over 700 everyday words and phrases
• Learn spoken and written Mandarin Chinese
• Subjects and situations include city streets, restaurant, supermarket, classroom, doctor's office, home, family, and more.

eShop (3DS)


3D Classics — Kirby's Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Price: $5.99

Delve into the land of dreams-turned-nightmares as Kirby flies with the stars in 3D. 3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure offers you a chance to explore the world of Dream Land in a whole new way. The landscape comes to life as Kirby™ crosses land, sea, and sky in his quest to restore the Star Rod. After waking from a dreamless sleep, Kirby goes to investigate the Dream Spring only to find that its source of energy has been stolen by King Dedede. Broken and divided across seven worlds, Kirby will need to use his unique ability to steal enemies' powers as he battles and to restore the pieces of the Star Rod. Without it, how can a hero fight another day if he can't get a good night's sleep? Embark on this adventure as the beloved pink character tries to save the citizens of Dream Land from a lifetime of terrible nightmares.


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