LMFAO Xur Is Selling Prometheus Lens

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Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion included a bugged laser weapon that’s so powerful it’s completely ruining the balance in the competitive Crucible. So of course, Xur is selling it today.


The Prometheus Lens, as it’s called, is normally a random drop. That means some players have it, but others are doomed to be fried by it with no real way to fight back. Bungie has already said it’s patching the hideously overpowered weapon next week, and apparently decided to balance the scales in the meantime by letting everyone have one.

“Did you make a bet that we wouldn’t let Xur sell Prometheus Lens?” the studio Tweeted this morning, possibly in reference to Redditor JhonCensus’s pledge to shave his head if Xur sold the gun. “It’s available in the EDZ. Your move.”

Indeed, Xur is standing in his usual spot in the European Dead Zone, selling Prometheus Lens for a mere 29 legendary shards. Trials of the Nine is gonna be lit this weekend, and by “lit” I mean “literally lit on fire.”

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Are they fucking serious? They think a solution to an OP weapon is to give it to everyone? I don’t want to use the weapon—they’re basically making it so that you have to use it to be competitive.

Fuck you Bungie, fix your damn game