Live in California? You Can Rent Arcade Cabinets for $75 a Month

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If you've got $75 a month to burn and live in California, you can get a 250-pound arcade cabinet running a 30-year-old game delivered to your door. This is the service offered by All You Can Arcade, a San Francisco business that opened shop last month. If all goes well, it'll expand to the east coast.


Brothers Seth and Timothy Peterson had been acquiring and fixing up the cabinets, valued between $150 and $200, for several years, and decided it was time do something with the stock. San Francisco would seem to be a good place to do it, as vintage game cabinets are quite the hip accessory. An AP profile of the business this weekend noted an advertising firm's employees "clapped and hooted with excitement" when All You Can Arcade rolled up with a Galaga machine.

Obviously, anything a customer rents doesn't need quarters to play.

Rummaging through a listing on All You Can Arcade's site, one sees machines ranging from 1980's Berzerk to 1991's The Simpsons and, of course, 1988's immortal Bad Dudes. The Petersons hope to set up shop in the eastern U.S. later this year.

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I miss arcades, I remember going to Aladdin's Castle as a kid.