Live at Nintendo's Next Wii Unveiling

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We're here down front at Nintendo's 2011 E3 press conference. This is the last of the big press conferences of this E3. And with Nintendo's next big console expected to be unveiled and detailed, perhaps it will be the best as well.


What do we know about the next Wii? Officially, not a whole lot. But the rumors have described the system as something that seems to marry the innovation of the original Wii with something akin to an iPhone. Of course it's not all about the hardware. We'd all love to hear more about the games coming to the Wii, this new Wii and of course the 3DS which seems to be lacking in solid games right now.

Good thing we don't have long to find out. Join us for the liveblog now.



Not gonna lie...the visuals look exactly the same as 360/PS3.

That's a great step forward, but what happens when Microsoft/Sony fire back with better visual hardware?