Live Arcade This Week: Peggle, The Maw, And Crystal Defenders

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It's a triple play this week on Xbox Live Arcade, the addictive gameplay of Peggle, the strategic defense of Crystal Defenders, and new downloadable content for Twisted Pixel's The Maw.


Peggle is the tremendously addictive ball-bouncing game for the PC, ported to Xbox Live Arcade with 55 levels, 75 challenges, and multiplayer support via Xbox Live for 2-4 players. I am terrified to purchase it, since the last time I launched Peggle on Steam I disappeared for several days.

Crystal Defenders is Square's take on tower defense, using characters from the Final Fantasy Tactics series to defend your crystals against evil invading hordes of classic Final Fantasy monsters in more than 300 increasingly difficult stages.


Rounding up this week's Arcade releases is the second downloadable level for Twisted Pixel's The Maw, River Redirect, delivering a little more gameplay for a little more money.

Both Peggle and Crystal Defenders will run you 800 Microsoft points, with The Maw: River Redirect a steal at 160 points.

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I wonder how precise you can be in Peggle without the mouse wheel to make tiny little adjustments? Will get it if it has something for that, but making those little adjustments is a make-or-break for me.