Live and Breathe Japanese Games? Kotaku Is Now Hiring.

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Occasionally, people ask me, "Brian Ashcraft, is Kotaku ever hiring?" To which I reply, "No, random person, it is not." But if you were to ask me that same question today, I'd have a very different answer.


Kotaku is looking for a few good men/women/whatever in the Tokyo area for increased Japanese gaming coverage. Do you love reading Dengeki? Did you line up for, say, Final Fantasy XIII-2? Then, by golly, do I have a gig for you.

In particular, Kotaku is bringing on multiple part-time writers and even (possibly) interns. Here are the other particulars:

• You must be over 18-years-old.
• You must have a valid work visa.
• You must live in the Tokyo area.
• You must be highly proficient in Japanese.
• You must have a computer, internet, and a camera.

Oh, you should like video games, too. Very important!

The part-time work is compensated, while the (possible) intern work is paid only in experience and, hopefully, fond memories. Note that any interns that are brought on should be college students in order to earn credit for their work.

Interested individuals send an 80 word writing sample on a recent game you played as well as your resume to bashcraftATkotakuDOTcom with the subject line "Tokyo Hire". Get to it!


Wait a second... if you're in Japan... you're over 18... AND you have a valid work visa, doesn't that mean you already have a full time job?

I mean, as a foreigner you can't work in Japan without a work visa, and you can't get a work visa unless a company has already done the leg work as far as paperwork and paying the visa fees, etc.

I know this because I'm an American living in Japan with a computer, internet, and camera. And I also probably play games, seeing as how I'm posting on Kotaku.