Live-Action Smash Bros. Video has Real Martial Arts

And not just that, but cool visual and practical effects, excellent fight choreography, good sound editing, a fitting soundtrack... overall, it feels like a short Smash Bros-themed kung fu movie. And it might even be the first in a series!


Uploaded by YouTuber Tim Wang (via D Piddy), Little Mac vs. Dark Ness shows the five-minute fight between the eponymous characters—with Dark Ness on a quest to destroy every other video character, as revenge for "having appeared in more Smash Bros. games than his own." Jeez, poor kid.

Wang says that there's "a possibility" that this might evolve into an actual web series with, I'm guessing, Dark Ness hunting down the other Smash Bros. fighters one by one. That would actually be pretty great.

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That...was surprisingly awesome. Also, I approve of any credits sequence that reveals one of the crew members is a black man in a trench coat with nunchuks and an eyepatch.