LittleBigPlanet: We're Ready To Believe You

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Not much of a teaser this, is it? Unless there's some obscure British pop culture icon that also says "who ya gonna call?" we're somehow not aware of, it's pretty clear we'll soon be getting some Ghostbusters DLC for LBP.


Cuddly proton packs? Big-eyed slimer? The chance to create a level where Janine is brought together with her true love, Egon Spengler? We'd like all of those things. Those and the revelation that the "Sacktue of Liberty" can carry four sackboys in its head, and stomp around a level to Jackie Wilson.

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stop with the dlc!!!!!!!!!!!!! either do something significant or dont do anything at all. or make most of it free. the fucking dlc far exceeds the price of this game.

i know the game wasnt a huge success but theres no need to try to squeeze the rest of those of us who DID buy the game. yes i actually bought and for $60. i even sold my wii and bought a ps3 for this very game. but i really regret it. had i known it was going to be some sort of virtual clothing store i would have seriously never bothered.

theres so much untapped potential thats going to waste. and the potential this game had is being buried beneath a pile of virtal doll clothes.

stop stop stop stop!!!!!!!!!!!