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LittleBigPlanet: To Wipe, Or Not To Wipe

Illustration for article titled LittleBigPlanet: To Wipe, Or Not To Wipe

We've seen some pretty amazing things come out of the LittleBigPlanet beta test so far, including yesterday's amazing calculating sack boy squad. Wouldn't it be a pity to lose all of that goodness in the name of making sure everyone was on level footing for launch? Right now the LittleBigPlanet news site is hosting a poll asking players both in and out of beta whether or not the user created content created so far should be completely flushed down the toilet once the game launches. The answer of course is no. We don't want that. It would be a tremendous waste of the work all the beta testers have put in, and would rob so many people of the inspiration the works so far provide. This isn't an MMO, we don't have to worry about anyone having an advantage over us in PVP (Planet versus Planet). Vote no on Operation Tiny Wipe, just like the majority of respondents already are. LittleBigPlanet Beta Created Levels - You decide [LittleBigPlanet News]


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Though there will be heartbreak as the Beta levels get wiped I know exactly why this must be...

The Beta is old code. It's that simple. Things move quickly in coding, especially towards release. It is a certainty that a large percentage of tools and items have been changed, modified, or totally re-written since the the Beta code was put in the can.

This means that a good percentage of Beta levels will not work as they were designed, or worse, break the game totally. This is especially true of the more complicated wonders, such as the calculator.

This is why the Beta levels need to go. It's sad but it's far better than not being able to enjoy them as intended or having a broken game.