LittleBigPlanet Team's New Project Is "Really F*cking Cool"

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The creators of LittleBigPlanet and the highly marketable Sackboy aren't resting on their laurels, ready to churn out Sackboy Kart Racing as their next project. Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans has even begun teasing.


He tells Gamasutra in a recent interview that there's already a secret LittleBigPlanet project underway, one that capitalizes on what he calls the game's "untapped potential" and is "really fucking cool."

Evans wasn't ready to spill the beans on what the future holds for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, only saying that the idea was born of a brainstorming session at Media Molecule, a direction that became a creative "magnet."

"And in ways that hopefully will still be fresh so when it comes back, people won't be like, 'Yeah, they just exploited that thing, and it's really fucking obvious that they would do that,'" Evans teases. "I think LBP is in their future, and hopefully in surprising ways."

Also somewhat surprising is a working PC version of LittleBigPlanet, one that Evans says is likely to remain internal-only. And probably not just because "it looks like a piece of shit."

Read the extensive interview from this year's DICE Summit at Gamasutra. It's chock full of salty language!

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The PC version is probably just for development purposes. We do that in our studio too, even on console-exclusive (even handheld titles) we maintain a PC (Windows) build mostly because we edit in-game stuff using an in-game integrated editor in every game. Though in case of LBP, they'd have an editor regardless of platform anyway :)