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LittleBigPlanet Can Do Your Math Homework

Ever since the beta for Littlebigplanet hit, we've seen numerous level designs, some good, some not so good. From classic Mario remakes to re-imagining of the humongous spectacles found in Shadow of the Colossus. Heck, even Tristan is a game designer in the making. But simply from an engineering standpoint, I think this is by far and away the best yet. A user created a real-time working calculator that accurately adds and subtracts numbers. The level is said to use 610 magnetic switches, 500 wires, and 430 pistons. I didn't see what the big deal was until the camera panned up. That's when my mouth hit the floor. Thanks to everyone, and I mean everyone, who sent this in!


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My God, he's gone and built a fucking computer inside a game. My mind is officially blown.