Little Girls Writes A Letter To Nintendo, Gets A Free DS?

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That's what this letter seems to suggest, when a girl - forced to write a letter to a company for a school project - bugs Nintendo for a DS, and Nintendo obliges.


At least, that's what this exchange would have you believe. I have some doubts; there's no photo of the DS, which is weird, and if I worked for Nintendo I'd reserve the free handhelds for kids dying of cancer. Or who can at least come up with a better reason than...their parents wouldn't buy them one (even though they did buy a Wii).

We asked Nintendo of Australia to confirm this was legit and didn't hear back, so...bear that in mind before you start penning your own "Dear Nintendo" letters.


UPDATE: Cynicism be damned, it's real. Though Nintendo of Australia stresses that the DS was sent to her school, and is for the use of her entire class, not just "Helen".

[image, thanks everyone!]

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Wait... she is 11 years old, look at the handwriting and then her signature. I don't believe for one second that she is actually 11 years old. I don't believe that Nintendo would send a free DS to just anyone who wrote in a letter.

I call bogus.

Maybe I'm just an old fart.