Little Big Planet Rolls Out With PlayStation Experience Truck

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Sony's rolling marketing platforms are back to make their summer rounds, and one of them is bringing Little Big Planet with it! The two trucks, The PlayStation Experience and The PlayStation Patrol, have been fitted with the latest games and sent out to bring PS3 and PSP games to major events and concerts around the country.

The truck you want to look for is The PlayStation Experience, a giant red monstrosity that not only contains playable Little Big Planet demos but Rock Band and Singstar stages as well.

Meanwhile The PlayStation Patrol truck will be sporting a new PlayStation lounge, complete with two 52 inch LCD TV's and lounge seating for folks too good to stand.


Both trucks will be making the rounds this summer. Hit the link for more information and the all-important truck appearance schedules.

PlayStation Experience Back on Patrol [Official PlayStation Blog]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

As hyped and much wanted as this title is, Sony better pour as much ad money into this as Konami put into MGS4. Maybe even more or it will end up being a sleeper at retail and a wasted effort.