Tomorrow, the London Philharmonic will release their second album of video game music, creatively titled "The Greatest Video Game Music 2."

I really dug the first album, and so the folks working on the record asked if we at Kotaku would like to have a reader poll to pick one of the songs that would go on the next volume. We ran the poll, and y'all voted to get music from Mass Effect 3 onto the album.


This tune, "A Future For The Krogan," will be featured on the album thanks partly to your votes and—let's be honest—partly due to the fact that Mass Effect is super popular and this would have probably been on the album anyway. But hey, voting was fun.

You can see a video about the making of the track here.


"The Greatest Video Game Music 2" will be out tomorrow at Amazon and iTunes, and it has some pretty hilarious cover art.

(Image via the BioWare Forums)