This week's episode of the Kotaku Talk Radio podcast has hit the web...of Spider-Man. Download or stream the latest episode to hear Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game designer Francois Taddei spin us a tale of multiple webslingers.

Mr.Taddei gave us the down-low on Spidey's latest adventure, answering your questions while offering up juicy tidbits surrounding the game's development. Did you know they briefly considered using 'Spider-Men' in the title to play off the multiple versions of the character in the game, or that the Amazing Spider-Man part of the game isn't tied to existing continuity?


I guess you do now. I suppose I've spoiled the podcast now. Great. Well, if you're still curious, snag the latest episode below.

Hosts: Stephen Totilo
Guest: Francois Taddei
Ranter: Owen Good

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