Listen To Kingdom Hearts III's Theme Song By Utada Hikaru

[Image: Square Enix | Disney]
[Image: Square Enix | Disney]

Pop star Utada Hikaru has become synonymous with Kingdom Hearts. It wouldn’t be a main entry in the series without her music.

Utada Hikaru recorded songs for Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. She’s back for KHIII with a track called “Chikai” (誓い), which means “oath” or “vow.”

And here is the English language version, which is called “Don’t Think Twice.”

This isn’t a full version of the theme, but it should give you an idea of how it sounds.

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Mike Fahey

Not sure about it. The beat gets really weird. I am sure by time Kingdom Hearts 3.75 and 3/4ths remixes it for the 12th time I’ll dig it.