One of the locations in Diablo III's Reaper of Souls expansion is the Blood Marsh, which sounds like a creepy place from the name, and this preview track Blizzard has put together for us to listen to definitely gives off that vibe with bells, booms and a choir.

"The very first time you enter the Blood Marsh, you'll hear women intoning a sacred text," music director Derek Duke said on a Q&A. He also said they tried out banjos and guitars to get a swampy vibe for the area, but he "could never boil it down to any single simple idea."


"In the end, what worked was actually scoring to the Blood Marsh's theme of a lost history, and the emotion and drama of events that take place there," Duke elaborated.

And you can feel it in the track embedded below, with the voices and bells—those bells, man. It does succeed in haunting.

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