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Xbox 360 title Lips isn't just a singing game. It's much more. Keiichi Yano (pictured), co-founder of Lips developer iNiS, points out that the game is interactive in a way singing games haven't been previously. Yanno explains: discover the true essence about what is great about a certain song. You look at certain things and you go, 'I really like this phrase, and that’s why I like this song'; it's half a rediscovery, it’s half a digestion of the song in a different way. You pick up things that you might not have realized if you'd just listened to it — through singing, you recognize certain nuances that you wouldn’t have noticed before. The game helps to accentuate that because of the fact that it is trying to score you.


You don't play Lips, Lips plays you. Yano: Lips will make players 'discover the true essence of music' [develop]


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