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After nearly 9 months, game developer Crispy's has broken their silence and announced new information, including the release date, of Tokyo Jungle.

Originally announced at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Jungle garnered interest for its depiction of a post-apocalyptic human-less Tokyo city overrun by forest and a multitude of animals. The game is an "animal survival" action game where the player can attempt to survive the harsh city as one of a multitude of herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.

Newly released information shows new features in the game like changing weather and time of day, as well as environmental hazards like heat waves and toxic smog. Players will have to hunt or forage for fresh food alone or in packs while avoiding predators and scavengers in the big city. There is also a rank system that will determine how good a mate you can attract to procreate and pass on superior genes to the next generation.

Yes, it's high time someone made a game that allows you to play as bunnies to screw like bunnies…


Tokyo Jungle is scheduled for release on June 7th.

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