Legends | KOELN, DEUTSCHLAND: Link and Zelda checked out the 3DS at Gamescom. (Photo: Sascha Schuermann | AP)

If Only I Had a Door to Take Me to This Wonderful Place

Some people love Mario. Others love Mickey. But I love Doraemon, that blue robotic cat from the future, with a pocket full of gizmos and a fear of mice. More »


Sony Gives PlayStation Home a Massive Theme Park Makeover With MMO-like Gameplay This Fall

PlayStation Home, the digital hang out space for Sony's PlayStation 3 that opened to the public in 2008, is getting an extreme makeover later this year. More »


Does This Fix the From Dust Disaster?

When PC title From Dust was released, PC gamers discovered that, yes, you must have an always-on internet connection. Previous claims stated that it wouldn't. More »


Is Nintendo Working on a Redesigned 3DS?

Nintendo's already slashed the 3DS's price tag, but, according to new rumors, that's not the only thing the Kyoto-based game maker is planning on slashing. More »


Go Home, Dinosaurs is the Name of a New PAX Video Game

My co-favorite video game of the 2010 PAX East in Boston was an odd but joyous multiplayer tower-building/battling game called SlamBolt Scrappers. The people who made that, Fire Hose Games, are showing their next game at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend.
The new game is called Go... More »


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