Lining Up To Buy a Game for Those You Love

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People line up to buy video games for various reasons. Maybe they actually want the game. Maybe they want to sell the game. And maybe they're just being nice to the ones they love.

The boxed limited edition of Diablo III was reportedly hard to come by in South Korea, but website ThisIsGame went out and hit the lines to see who was purchasing it. Sure, there were those buying it for themselves—and those buying it for re-sale. But there were also a dedicated few, lining up all night for those they loved.


One young woman waited over night so she could buy the game for her boyfriend. ThisIsGame pointed out that once her boyfriend starts playing the game, the couple might spend less time together.

"But he wants it," the young woman said. "I gotta get him one." Those waiting in line nearby heard the young woman and actually got somewhat upset, saying, "What kind of man sleeps at home while his girlfriend is playing homeless for him?!" The young woman, however, apparently still looked happy that she'd be getting an unforgettable present for her boyfriend. And she wasn't alone.

One middle-aged woman didn't line up to buy the game for her son, but her son-in-law, who was away on a business trip and could not line up. Over night, the woman's daughter waited, and then her mom took over.

"It's for my son in law, so I can never sell it!" she told ThisIsGame. "I think this is going to be a memory I'll never forget."


Hopefully, the lucky recepiants didn't blow right through the game like some of their countrymen.


‘남자친구·아들·사위를 위해 밤을 새우다' [ThisIsGame]

Jongsu Chang contributed to this story.

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