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Like Sands Through The Warhammer Online Office

Illustration for article titled Like Sands Through The Warhammer Online Office

We might have received a fake human skull, but we were much better off that Mythic's Gabe Amatangelo, who found his office transformed into the very Land of the Dead he helped create.


Office pranks are always entertaining ,and that goes double for video game developer office pranks. Seeing as the new Land of the Dead area in Warhammer Online is a place of sand and skulls and death, Gabe's fellow employees felt his office should look exactly the same, as foretold by prophecy, probably.


Of course, any bugs that show up in the Land of the Dead? This is probably the reason. There's always a price to pay for comedy, but it's generally worth it.

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This will surely make the wheels on his chair dispensable.