To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: A Rose Grows In A Strange Place


Day-off was very enjoyable! Celebrated two birthdays (Micro-Bash's and Mrs. Bashcraft's), so I'm a bit birthdayed out. Ready for the holidays! Sadly, not included in that is Thanksgiving. I haven't celebrated the holiday for a decade or so. Once, I tried to eat a turkey sandwich at Subway during Thanksgiving as turkey is a bit hard to come by, but it wasn't quite the same...

So while America gears up for Thanksgiving next week, Japan...does not. (Neither do many other countries for that matter!) The thing about Thanksgiving is that it provides a clear marker as to when the end-of-year holidays.

Japan goes into holiday mode soon after Halloween. It makes the holiday season all the longer — but everything ends quite abruptly on December 26 when Japan switches gears for New Years.

That lasts until the first week in January, which is the opposite from the U.S. From what I remember, New Years ends on Jan 2nd or 3rd at the latest, no?


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