Yes, we know, you have a DVD drive in your PC. Most of your buddies will as well. But not everybody has a DVD drive in their PC yet, which is why World of Warcraft still ships on four compact discs instead of a single digital versatile disc. Lich King, though, Lich King will be shipping on DVD only, the first WoW release to do so (Burning crusade shipped on both DVD and CD). So, uh, why does this matter? Being so low-spec-friendly, WoW was the last bastion of the CD in PC gaming, a format that dominated the industry from the mid-90s til the early years of this decade. With Lich King shipping on DVD only, we've probably seen the last of the CD, at least in non-shovelware titles. Goobye, old friend! We had some good, good times. Wrath of the Lich King Releasing on DVD Only [1UP]