We know that libraries are getting into games, libraries know they're getting into games, but somebody needs to tell the Nebraska State Auditor, Mike Foley.

You see, after a video clip appeared on YouTube showing some Nebraska Library Commission employees engaged in a spot of Rock Band, a complaint was made to Foley from a concerned member of the public, who was mortified that they'd be rocking out while on the job (and at the taxpayer's expense).

Having received the complaints, Foley launched an investigation into the "incident". A fairly serious thing to do, all things considered. He probably should have checked with the accused employees' boss first, though, who backs them up, saying "the library system is branching out into video games to bring more young people into the libraries."


So you're getting off this time, Nebraska Library Commission! But don't think Mike "Iron Fist" Foley will be so lenient next time, when you're caught playing Billy Hatcher and posting videos online.

WARNING: The above video contains the Benny Hill theme song.

TV News, State Officials Investigate Rock Band-Playing Librarians... But Weren't They Just Doing Their Job? [Game Politics]

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