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Those naughty librarian eyeglasses might say say yes-yes, but a New York City woman says, no-no, they're not hers. You see, there's Lauren Bernat, aka Wii Fit Girl, who hulaed her way to 2 million YouTube views about three weeks ago, and then vowed it was not a viral marketing scheme. And then there's Lauren Bernat, mild-mannered librarian, who's been deluged with Facebook requests from cretinous pic collectors admirers who'd like to better know Wii Fit Girl. Non-Wii Fit Lauren wants everyone to know she's trying to get a job, and the attention isn't good for that.


Librarian Lauren says she does resemble Wii Fit Girl Lauren, enough that an employer who Googles her might have second thoughts about her temperament for a serious job. "If someone has my business card, and doesn't know what I look like, and they Google me, it looks like it's me, and that's my whole career down the tubes," she said.


She says she contacted Web sites writing about the Wii Fit Girl craze and asked them to remove her name, which is kind of problematic as "Lauren Bernat" is in fact the name of the 25-year-old marketer whose ass starred in the original video. So there's little that Librarian Lauren can do. Except, of course, challenge Marketer Lauren to a Wii Fit Off. And I'm sure that's all part of the plan here, too.

For the record, GTA: DUI hammered Wii Fit Girl for top viral video on G4's "Around the Net" on May 28. And even though I appeared shirtless in it, so far no one named Owen Good has been subjected to any online harassment. Including me.


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