Liberty City Becomes a Beautiful New York City In This Stunning GTA Mod

Impressive Grand Theft Auto IV mods are nothing new, but this one—which turns the fictional Liberty City into a very real, very beautiful New York City—is really impressive.


OK, so here's what it does: First up, it replaces advertising and store signs with ones you'd actually find in the Big Apple. But it also greatly improves the game's visuals in just about every respect.

The mod's creator, Gionight, says that it's "just a beast visually" and yet doesn't "eat much resources at the same time".

If you've got GTAIV on PC, you can download it from the link below.

Gionights's Best ENB Final [GTA-MODS, via Edge]

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It's funny because as we approach photo realism with our cars, buildings, and environments in video games, character and people models are so far behind.

I realize this is because of some obvious issues like the fact that people have to be animated and interact with a 3D world which takes up a lot of resources, but it seems interesting to me that people want to make these environments look so pretty and so real, when as soon as you turn the corner you see one of those low poly faces and the immersion is instantly broken.