Illustration for article titled Liara, Youre Looking Awfully Blue Today. And Very Three-Dimensional.

Hello, Dr. T'soni. Why are you looking at me that way?

One Reddit user Nobody_home's cousin is apparently both a sculptor or prop artist and a Mass Effect fan. This recreation of Liara may not be pitch-perfect—she's hovering somewhere between her earlier, innocent archaeologist self and her later, darker, Shadow Broker self—but it's still remarkably detailed. And entirely handmade.


The pre-painting shots in the progress gallery show how much detail went into the carving itself. The finished version, as seen above, maintains Liara's classic blue-on-blue look.

All in all? Pretty impressive for one person's freehand work.

This is my cousin's sculpture of Liara, what does /r/gaming think? [Reddit]


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