A beautiful thing happened during Rooster Teeth's 24 hour Extra Life stream: more than $240,00 was raised for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. Also, Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton read a book and cursed a lot. It's pretty beautiful.

The book Geordi is reading in this clip (via Tastefully Offensive) is Adam Mansbach's instant classic, Go the Fuck To Sleep, a children's book that every parent who's dealt with a sleepless child over the past couple of years is intimately familiar with. Having had our twins in June of 2011, we own about 20 copies, including the audiobook version as read by Samuel L. Jackson.


Many props to Mr. Jackson, but he's got nothing on Burton. The man's been reading to children on a national scale since 1983. There's an entire edutainment property built around it. You know the one. "Butterfly in the sky / you can fly pretty fucking high!" Ah, memories.

Grats on the big charity haul, Rooster Teeth, and thanks for this.