Let's Watch the Intro to Syndicate, Circa 1993

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The single best piece of video game news today is that the original Syndicate is this Thursday going on sale over on Good Old Games for $6. You'll get more fun out of that game than you will most games costing 10x as much.

So let's celebrate. Here's the intro to the original 1993 game, lovingly crafted by Bullfrog Studios. It was, for a long time, my favourite video game intro of all time. The music, the dark, cyberpunk imagery, the sheer dastardliness of it all. That's just a dude, getting run down by strangers, kidnapped and turned into a cybernetic killing machine.


And that's not the most tragic part! The most tragic part is you'll probably kill him within ten minutes when he catches on fire because he doesn't know how to use the dildo/banana gun properly.

You know, part of what makes EA's upcoming reboot so...unnecessary to many is that, unlike a lot of other games from the 1990s, Syndicate's art design still looks great. Especially the game's cities and hardware. They look like Syd Mead went and followed up Blade Runner with Blade Runners, a movie about a squad of agents who run around killing everything that moves until it's game over, man.

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Bullfrog's games.

So many great memories.

Just a friendly reminder, kids - it's Peter Molyneux's game. (Yeah, the Fable guy).

And since we're here, in the company of friendly guys from EuroCorp;

Fans of X-Com, unhappy with random fps reboot of their beloved franchise are getting the classic remake in the end.

Im quite sure most of fans of Syndicate would rather see something similar instead of just another shooter ?

Shouldn't we let EA know ?