Let's Watch Nolan North Play The Last Of Us For The First Time

The Last Of Us has one of the most powerful beginnings of any video game, which makes it hard to stop watching this unusual new Let’s Play of the game. The 77-minute video, uploaded to YouTube yesterday, is hosted by the actors who played the lead roles in that intro scene, while the game is played by a Last Of Us first-timer: the voice of Nathan Drake, Nolan North.


Without spoiling things too much, the game’s intro establishes the disastrous state of the world in which the rest of the game is set. It lasts about 20 minutes before the opening title sequence hits.

The actors co-hosting this first installment are Troy Baker, who played Joel, and Hana Hayes, who played Joel’s daughter, Sarah. Both talk over North’s playthrough of the intro, offering behind-the-scenes tidbits about how various scenes were staged, as well as revealing that a key line early on had been ad-libbed and describing how they handled multiple takes of the intro’s climactic moment.

If you don’t know how The Last Of Us starts and can’t play it yourself on PS3 or PS4, this is a pretty good way to experience it. Like North, you might be surprised at some of what you see and the level of craft on display. 

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