And I thought the press-conference-packed day leading up to the kick-off of the Tokyo Game Show was exciting. Just look at all of the games and news that came out during last night twin press conferences by Sony and Microsoft.

Here's a run down of day two of the show. You can find day one here.

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Kinect Gets Its First Weird Grasshopper Manufacture Game, 'Codename D'
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Fire Pro-Wrestling Returns, Now Cuter To Xbox 360
Steel Battalion's Trailer Brings Giant Robot Warfare To New York City
Kinect Gets Its Panzer Dragoon
Ni No Kuni PS3 Hands-On Impressions
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The Last Guardian Finally Coming Holiday 2011
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Look! A Zombie Yakuza And Two Girls With Guns
And So The Process Begins Anew...
Surprise, There Is Another New Character For Marvel vs Capcom 3
There's A New PSP Coming With A New Piece of Hardware
PaRappa Creator Turns Kinect Into A Haunted House
TGS Gets Struck By A Smooth Criminal, Ow
Valkyria Chronicles 3: The Tokyo Game Show Trailer
Sega Bringing Nightmares To Kinect
Yakuza 5 Trailer: Zombie Paradise Action
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Two-Tone and Blossom Pink Playstation Portables Hit Japan in November
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