Let's Talk About Chrono Trigger: The Musical

Yes, this is fan made. But it got me thinking about what a real, live-acted Chrono Trigger musical would be like. Of all the classic RPG’s to choose from, this would be the best!

Not only does a Chrono Trigger musical make sense, but it works. With its memorable music and colorful cast of characters, the score basically writes itself. Two things to keep in mind, however: Total Running Time and Budget. CT is pretty long, so less-important sequences — like the futuristic racing scene with Johnny — would have to be axed. Also, some of the boss battles must be given the boot, too, due to the cost to re-create them.

What wilst thou do?

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This is an example of something being news, but not of the good kind. That video sort of sucked. The animation was forgivable I guess, but Frog's voice was really bad, which made the whole concept of a "musical" pointless.