Let's Take A Look At Battlefield Online

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In June of last year, we heard that there was a new Battlefield game in development for the Korean market. This is it. It's called Battlefield Online, and will be out later this year.


Built on the Battlefield 2 engine, BFO will pit US forces against Russia in a Middle Eastern setting, with up to 64 players supported at any one time. And...that's about where the details end, because EA and local team Neowiz are playing stingy with the announcements, promising to drip-feed stuff like unit info over the next few months.


You can check out the teaser trailer and site below, but be warned, for some reason I could only get it running in Internet Explorer.

Battlefield Online [EA]

[thanks Kieran!]

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The question is: Will a sniper rifle actually behave like a sniper rifle? I'm tired of "3 shots to kill" Barret M107's. If so, consider it sold.