Let's Survive Together With The Walking Dead's Season 5(b) Trailer

The first half of The Walking Dead's fifth season introduced some fascinating new villains, killed a whole bunch of characters and in general got darker than ever. Now the show is poised to return on Feb. 8, and the latest trailer reveals the group will be focused on "surviving together."


Which apparently means killing things—lots of things.

Side note: have these characters ever looked cooler than they do right now? I am seriously digging Rick's jacket fringe.

Season 5 has really killed so far, and I have high hopes for the second half. Plus my fingers are crossed for a certain Big Baddie (and a kung fu-using deity) to show up by the end.



I really wish this trend of 'mid season' finales would stop. Tired of getting into shows, and then they just stop for a few weeks/months. I'm sure it's not too unheard of, but I only really started noticing it during the writers strike back in 09 I think it was.