Here at Kotaku today, there's a sense of emptiness due to Mike Fahey's day off. If only there was a way to invade his privacy and, say, snoop through his Dragon Age playing history. Ah, but there is!

If you have a free account to BioWare's "social" site, you can check out Fahey's accomplishments in the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age: Origins. These are the very accomplishments he earned while playing the game for his review.


When last I looked, he had done something big and maybe final at 69 hours into the game, but he's got a new storyline accomplishment logged at 76 hours. Clicking on his character timeline appears to reveal plot points, as a BioWare producer told me they would for the story I dd on this BioWare Social site. I'm reading his stuff with one eye closed because I don't want the ending of the game spoiled. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying poking through his playing history.

When Fahey gets back, I'll have to ask him about that gap between his 22nd and 47th hours playing the game. Methinks he left his PlayStation 3 on, idling for almost a day.


Clicking around on Fahey's page will bring you to his character profile page, so you can gape at his player-character's stats. More than 700 kills, Fahey? That's not nice.

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