Let's Sit Down And Grow A Tree

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Phew. So many shooters out at the moment, or games set in the apocalypse, or that just involve killing things. What we need is to relax for a moment and just grow a tree.


Bohm, an indie game "coming soon", lets you control the growth of a tree. And that's it! The player can "generate and control the growth of the tree in real time", and while you do that, the music adapts and changes to suit your actions.

Incidentally, these are the same guys behind that neat "Game Seeds" card game we showed you earlier this year.

Looks like the perfect "just got home from the pub and it's 3am and I'm maggot but don't want to go to bed" kind of game.

[via IndieGames]

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Looks pretty nice, I appreciate any game that can make something in 3d polygons look to grow organically. I do hope they are going to have more time to polish the visuals, because the tileable wood texture is very noticeable, and the alphas for the leaves and the lighting on them could use some more work.

Overall sounds like mixing Chime with gardening, which I'm all for.

Don't understand the shooters and post-apocalyptic comment since Fable 3, Enslaved (vegetative apocalyptic), Castlevania, Force Unleashed 2, Civilization V, Kirby Epic Yarn, and Rock Band 3 came out in the last month or two. Also have Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on the way. So plenty out there for the non-shooter fan, though I will get Fallout: New Vegas sometime down the line.