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Let's Settle This Once and For All: Genesis Aladdin or Super NES Aladdin?

Illustration for article titled Lets Settle This Once and For All: Genesis emAladdin/em or Super NES emAladdin/em?
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It's time. It's time to settle this.

A while back, I got into a HEATED EXCHANGE with Kotaku columnist Lisa Foiles about her flagrant proclamation that the Super Nintendo version of Aladdin was superior to the Genesis version of Aladdin.


I did not remember this to be the case—from my recollection, the Genesis version was much better looking, and had better animation. Hadn't they used real Disney animators on the game or something? Wikipedia backs me up, so I'm not misremembering that. And you had a sword! No wicked cool sword in the wussy SNES version.

But maybe I'm wrong. Enough people seem certain that the SNES version was indeed the better game that I thought we should put it to the ultimate test: An Informal Kotaku Poll.


So, here goes:

I am so curious to see who wins.

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Let's be honest... Has anyone ever played both? :P

I was pretty sure my SNES would reject my touch if I ever felt up a Genisis controller. So I guess my pick is SNES. Seeing as its the only one I've played.