Let's See What's Inside A PlayStation 5

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Screenshot: iFixit

We know the outside of the PS5 is just two big-ass white fins, but the inside is still a mystery. So the good people at iFixit have got hold of one and torn it to pieces, ostensibly to judge its repair value, but really just so we could all gawk at the carnage of it all.

What’d they find? Well, for starters, just look at this heatsink array. It’s a work of art!

Photo: iFixit

And the fan—which is locked in with very fancy (and difficult) T8 Torx security screws—looks like something you’d drop into the warp drive of a starship just in time to jump to safety before the evil alien mothership was going to blast you and your buddies into spacedust.

Photo: iFixit

You can get a real good look at the whole thing in this hour-long video iFixit put together where they took the console apart live, which is worth it if only to see that heatsink taken out and held in the hand, like some elaborate steampunk death harmonica.

While the video covers pretty much everything, if you don’t have time to spend an hour looking deeply into the PS5's vital organs, there’s also this write-up which has you covered.


I should note that Sony did something very similar to this a few months back, but that was basically a very polite and interesting commercial. A third-party taking a look for an hour gives us a much better look at what’s going on here!

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Mystery? Did I not watch Sony do their own teardown before release day?