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Cosplay is about love—love of a particular work or love of a specific character. Recently on Twitter in Japan, cosplayers have been comparing their cosplay pics with the original source material they brought to life.

As noted on Ameba News, cosplayers have been using the hashtag #原作の隣に自分のコスを貼る, which translates to "Putting my cosplay next to the original work." If you've looked at cosplay photos in the past, oh, decade or so or more, you've seen similar comparisons.

What makes this interesting is that this Twitter hashtag is a trend among Japanese cosplayers and provides a terrific opportunity to see just how well their costumes and poses compare to the source material.

[Photo: RocktheFuture]


[Photo: costutun]

[Photo: mamu_one]


[Photo: zamza825]

[Photo: kasumi_s2641]


[Photo: kuro_armr]

[Photo: fuko365]


[Photo: Hisamelody]

[Photo: merinowoooool]


[Photo: ayaran67]

[Photo: beefkosogod]

コスプレイヤーの再現度パネェ! Twitterで「原作の隣に自分のコスを貼る」のが流行 [Ameba News]

Top photo: asaka0c