Let's Not Forget the Wonderful Dyad Gaming Chair

The following story originally ran in March of 2011, but since the excellent game it's partially about just came out this week, we're showing it to you again. And, before you ask, the last time I asked Dyad's creator about this special gaming chair, he didn't make it sound like it would be going into mass-production. Bummer.


People at the PAX East gaming convention kept telling me I had to play "the game that's in the machine." It took me three days to find it, hidden back in Indie Alley.


Dyad's lead designer Shawn McGrath must have known indies get hidden in the margins, so he'd make sure that, once you were his near his game, you'd see it. And one you saw it, you wouldn't forget it. His hook wasn't simply Dyad, a summer-scheduled racing game that has you racing and color-matching down a rail of light faster and faster (you want to ensnare like-colored enemies, but not run into them.)

His hook was his homemade arcade racing chair that was cooler than all the fancy professionally-made racing chairs elsewhere at PAX East. McGrath spent about $1900 making the thing and is going to truck it to every gaming convention he can get it to.

Dyad comes out this summer on the PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network chair. The chair you'll have to make yourself. The Dyad site has some how-to's, with McGrath promising to add some chair programming code in the near future..

Original headline: This DIY Gaming Chair Is Cooler Than All Those Professionally-Made Ones

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Me: Holy balls... 1900? Dude...not to be mean and i get why he did it and all but,

Mr. Plinkett: It Looks Like termites holding hands and one's about to lose its grip!

Me: Right.