It’s not technically Nintendo’s iconic hero that I’m endlessly ending in the newly-released anti-platformer Kill the Plumber, but it totally is.

It’s just the day in the life of a Super Mario Bros. enemy, really. You’re waddling about your screen, minding your own business, and then along comes this mustachioed maniac stomping on your friends, trampling your flowers and eating all of your mushrooms.

So you kill him.

But he keeps coming back.

So your friends kill him.

But he keeps coming back.

If anything Keybol’s anti-platformer gives us some insight into what it’s like being a member of Mario’s rogues gallery. It’s a little awkward at first, but soon the plumber killing slowly becomes cathartic, and finally entertaining. Perhaps the real Mushroom Kingdom was once filled with happy creatures that slowly evolved into the enemies we know and loathe after endless Mario incursions.

You made us do this, Mario. You made us.

Kill the Plumber is now available on Steam for a limited time sale price of $3.99.


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