Let's Meet An Australian Politician Who Loves Video Games

When Australia is mentioned in the same breath as video games, most people's first thoughts are of something negative. Something unpleasant. So let's meet an Australian politician who's one of the good guys.

His name is David Bartlett, Premier of the Australian state of Tasmania. That makes him the equivalent of, roughly, a US state governor. Not the big cheese, then, but a man of some clout.


Bartlett is a a proud, vocal fan of the medium, something rarely found amongst the ranks of politicians in any country, let alone Australia. And in an interview with Screen Play, he's happy to tell the world about it.

"[Growing up] we had the ubiquitous ‘Pong'", Bartlett says. "Then we had a Vic 20. Then my father started investing in Apple computers. So we had Apple 2's and Apple 2's... and then the first Mac that came out. My next door neighbour and best mate had a Commodore 64. We went on to the Atari ST."

"I'm going through a second wave of gaming fun with Hudson", he adds. "He and I play a lot of the Lego games, Lego Star Wars, Lego Batman... We're currently playing Lego Indiana Jones."

That's right. He doesn't mean the renowned Japanese video game developer Hudson. He means his son Hudson. Co-incidence?


Your Turn: Build your own politician [Screen Play]

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